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Rising Music Star Zoey Tess On The Five Things You Need To Shine In The Music Industry

As a part of our interview series with leaders, stars, and rising stars in the music industry, we had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Zoey Tess...

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Spotlight interview: Zoey Tess


Today we sat down with the enigmatic and highly talented Zoey Tess, we spoke about everything from the artists introduction into music, her goals, upcoming projects and everything in between...

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Featuring Zoey Tess – The Shimmer of Authenticity in the World of Music

The music industry sparkles with the newly-found charisma of Zoey Tess, an artist whose evocative melodies and lyrical ingenuity are transforming soundscapes and hearts alike. Coupled with her musical intellect and a relentless pursuit for authenticity, Tess’s journey of artistic evolution is a tale worth telling...

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Zoey Tess: A Rising Pop Sensation with a Soulful Sound

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, there are rare talents that emerge, captivating audiences with their unique sound and undeniable charisma. One such rising star is Zoey Tess, an American pop singer and songwriter whose soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics have taken the industry by storm. With a musical style that blends pop, rhythm and blues, and soul, Tess has established herself as a force to be reckoned with...

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Sitting Down With Zoey Tess

When and how did you discover your passion for music and songwriting? What made you want to pursue music as a career?I was around eleven years old. I was really into Broadway music and showtunes. I had such an admiration for composers such as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Schwartz, and Alan Menken. Broadway, Disney…really great songs with big orchestrations. My mom and I loved listening to Broadway soundtracks in the car...


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Zoey Tess nuovo album e tour - immagini


Zoey Tess nel 2023 pubblica la canzone In These Dreams. Il singolo raggiunge la top 40 charts, mescolando intricati arrangiamenti orchestrali, pianoforte, chitarra elettrica e altri strumenti dal vivo. "Gli accordi sulle licenze delle mie canzoni per il cinema e la televisione sono in pieno svolgimento - afferma Tess - In These Dreams è stato un ottimo punto di partenza per la concessione di licenze, e ora il mio lavoro ha suscitato l'interesse di molti settori in cui sono entusiasta di essere coinvolta".


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In the ever-evolving music scene, one talented singer-songwriter-pianist Zoey Tess has emerged as a radiant star, enchanting listeners with her incredible range and dynamic sound. Her single Turn Me Up is a powerful track with a catchy melody and jaw-dropping vocals that showcase her undeniable prowess as a performer. Whereas Human Nature is an alluring piece, that captivates us with its striking transitions and heartfelt lyricism, demonstrating her prowess as a versatile artist...


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Daily Bloid Zoey Tess

Zoey Tess new album and tour


Zoey Tess releases the song In These Dreams in 2023. The single reached the Top 40 charts with a mix of intricate orchestral arrangements, piano, electric guitar and other live instruments...


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Old Time Music Zoey Tess

The Meaning Behind The Song: In These Dreams by Zoey Tess


As a music critic, I have come across countless songs that have resonated with me in different ways. However, there are a select few songs that manage to captivate me from the very first listen and leave a lasting impact. “In These Dreams” by Zoey Tess is one such song that instantly grabbed my attention and took me on a journey of self-reflection and hope...


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Muzique Magazine interview Zoey Tess

Muzique Magazine Interview with Zoey Tess


Zoey Tess Loglisci (born January 1, 1993), known professionally as Zoey Tess, is an American singer and songwriter. Her aunt is veteran television actress Corinne Camacho. Tess just released her 2023 singles ‘Turn Me Up’ and ‘Human Nature’ worldwide...


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The Static Drive Zoey Tess
Zoey Tess Eyes on Hollywood
Just Fame Zoey Tess

Zoey Tess Drops Dreamy Pop Ballad


Zoey Tess is an emerging independent recording artist who made her solo professional debut in April with the dance track “Turn Me Up”. However, the thirty year-old artist’s musical journey began in childhood. Raised in Connecticut by her professional baseball player father and ballet dancer mother, the classically trained Zoey is inspired by her family of artists, which includes her late aunt Corinne Camacho, a world-renowned television and film star...


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American pop singer, song writer, Zoey Tess is taking the world by storm with her new single “In These Dreams”. With the combination of the orchestra arrangement and her voice, 2023 is set to be her year. She is really setting the tone to music and the new wave and we are here to talk about it...


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A Symphony Of Brilliance: The Enthralling Journey Of A Multi-Talented Artist Zoey Tess


Discover the captivating sounds of our featured artist Zoey Tess, whose unique blend of emotive lyricism, mesmerizing vocals, and powerful piano skills create an unforgettable listening experience. Her style is a fusion of infectious melodies and heartfelt stories that resonate with listeners...


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Jukebox Mind Zoey Tess

Powerhouse Performer: Zoey Tess Delivers Unforgettable New Single titled ‘Turn Me Up’


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our spotlighted artist Zoey Tess, whose spellbinding blend of poignant lyrics, and mesmerizing vocals captivate audiences. Her music weaves a tapestry of unforgettable melodies and deeply resonant stories...


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The Industry Times Zoey Tess

Zoey Tess | A Songstress Crafting a Symphony of Dreams


Zoey Tess calls herself a songstress, composer, and occasional producer. Beyond just her self-professed titles, she is a dynamic force contributing to the vast expanse of the music industry. Having produced most of her own music, Zoey has also had the pleasure of writing and producing for other artists, which she considers both fun and fulfilling...


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Zoey Tess Top 40 Charts

Zoey Tess Takes Audience On A Whimsical Journey With Her Latest Single “In These Dreams”


American Pop singer and Composer Zoey Tess has once again stirred the music industry with her newest single, "In These Dreams." Written and composed by Tess herself, the new single is a testament to her unwavering dedication and unique artistic ability to craft harmonious melodies...


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Stereo Stickman Zoey Tess

Zoey Tess “I think being an artist means to be vulnerable & performing live allows for that.”


To coincide with the launch of her brand new single In These Dreams, we caught up with songwriter and artist Zoey Tess, to find out more about the music, her journey so far as a creative, and her hopes for the future...


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Growth Illustrated Zoey Tess

Zoey Tess: The Songstress of Dreams


There’s certitude in unpredictability, and Zoey Tess understands this paradox better than most. An unsung hero of the contemporary music industry, Zoey Tess’s musical journey unfolds like a kaleidoscopic narrative painting a myriad of genre-infused canvases. Today, we take a deep-dive into the life, talent, and inspirations of this eclectic artist...


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The Further Zoey Tess



We’ve discovered the ideal tuner to match our sunny and carefree days. It’s called “Turn Me Up” and it's performed by singer and songwriter Zoey Tess. The song is a blend of electro-pop infused tunes, catchy vocals, and an infectious hook, making it very captivating and danceable...


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Debbie Burke Zoey Tess

Heard and Loved : Zoey Tess’s New Single “Late Night Thoughts”


Always a sucker for a fat sax and a hot beat, I took a listen to the new single from vocalist Zoey Tess and I was not disappointed. Tess wields a strong and assertive voice with beautiful tone and phrasing that punches and glides in all the right places...


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East Portland Blog Reviews Zoey Tess

Zoey Tess – Turn Me Up (her aunt was on The Rockford Files and every other great seventies show)


Zoey Tess Loglisci, known professionally as Zoey Tess, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Born in Coconut Creek, Florida on January 1st, 1993, she began her career as a singer and songwriter at the age of 14. Tess and her family moved to Newtown, Connecticut when she was just three-years-old...


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Stereo Stickman Zoey Tess

Zoey Tess Turn Me Up / Human Nature


Unexpectedly dance-ready pop with infectious melodies and nostalgically breathy vocals – Zoey Tess’ recent release Turn Me Up hits the scene with confidence and grit. Crafted with care from a singer-songwriter perspective but also with a clear edge of inspiration from the breadth of Pop and EDM that has made up the past couple of decades, Turn Me Up is every bit as catchy and high-energy as its title implies...

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Hustle Informer Zoey Tess

Zoey Tess: Echoing the Beauty of Dreams through Music


Embracing authenticity and vulnerability, Zoey Tess, a pop songstress and composer, seeks to inspire her listeners with an ethereal blend of honesty and musical talent. With her latest single “In These Dreams,” Tess demonstrates her ability to not only overcome obstacles but also to transform them into melodic encouragement for others...


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Melody Mine Zoey Tess

Zoey Tess - 'Human Nature'


Zoey Tess's 'Human Nature' is an interesting electronic pop song that delves into the complexities of human behaviour and the inner struggles that arise from our innate desires. The fusion of electronic elements and electric guitar creates a unique and captivating sound that draws the listener in from the very first note...


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